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We Need You!

Cool Rochester needs volunteers to help with the following jobs:

  • Press Secretary
  • Team members to plan Capacity Building Training event (Oct '09)
  • Registrar for Capacity Building Training event
  • Annual celebration planning team
  • Coordinate Partner support - respond to e-mail questions
  • Facilitate Low Carbon Diet workshops
  • Schedule Facilitator trainings for the Low Carbon Diet program
  • Coordinate Facilitator dispatch
  • Maintain incentive program for participants to acheive pledged carbon reductions
  • Develop book loan program (for the Low Carbon diet workbook)
  • Editor for website content updates
  • Responses to data analysis: determining which partners need help or acknowledgements
  • Website Partner info updates from data analysis

If you would like to help, please send us an email at  If you have in mind another way you'd like to help, tell us about that too!

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