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More tips on reducing your carbon footprint

Here are 10 tips, courtesy of , that
will help reduce global warming pollution; more than a few will
save you money, too!

1. Buy organic & local. Many of the chemicals used on farms
today pollute our drinking water and require energy to produce.
Eating locally produced foods reduces energy use for
transportation. And while you're at it, consider bringing your
own bags to the market to help reduce waste!

2. Air-dry your clothes. Line-drying clothes instead of using a
dryer can save 700 pounds of carbon dioxide and as a bonus, $75
a year.

3. Change light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs use 66 percent
less energy than regular bulbs. Replacing just three of your
home's most frequently used bulbs can save 300 pounds of carbon
dioxide and $60 a year.

4. Go hybrid or increase your MPG. The average hybrid driver
saves 16,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year and $3,750
annually in gas money. If you're buying a new car, ask about
mileage on non-hybrid vehicles, as well.

5. Inflate your tires & change the air filter. Improperly
inflated tires can waste as much as 250 pounds of carbon dioxide
a year and $840 in gas money. A tired air filter also wastes
carbon dioxide and money. Check both monthly.

6. Check the water heater or go tankless. Keeping your water
heater thermostat at no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit saves
money and reduces emissions. Insulating the water heater adds to
your savings. Switching to a tankless water heater is even
better, saving 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year and $390.

7. Shorten your shower. Because showers account for two-thirds
of all water heating costs, shorter time sudsing up can save up
to 350 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Installing a low-flow
showerhead saves another 350 pounds of carbon dioxide.

8. Unplug appliances. Even when a plugged-in electronic
appliance is turned off, it uses energy. Play it safe, unplug
and save more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide and $256 a

9. Adjust the thermostat. Just two degrees up in summer and two
degrees down in winter can save a whopping 2,000 pounds of
carbon dioxide and $98 a year.

10. Plant a tree. Trees help suck up climate-altering carbon
dioxide, provide cleaner air, and save 2,000 pounds of carbon
dioxide a year.

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