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About Us

Cool Rochester is a non-profit group composed of concerned citizens who are engaging the Rochester community in the fight against climate change. We believe dramatic reductions of carbon dioxide emissions are necessary to preserve and protect a functioning planet for this (and future) generations. Our goal is to reduce Rochester area carbon emissions one billion pounds in three years. To achieve this, we need to recruit 80,000 households and workplaces to participate in our program, to reduce their emissions by 25%. By unleashing the power of community we can save energy, save money and save the planet. Join Cool Rochester.

We are working under a fiscal arrangement with the Center for Environmental Information so that all contributions are tax deductible.

We are being heard (and seen)!

Our Communications Director Jim Tappon was invited to speak at this years TEDx at Geva Theater.  The video is on YouTube!

Sunnking featured us in their January Newsletter!

Check out our Communications Director, Jim Tappon on Rochester's Need to Know.

The Last Experiment is a documentary film that has been several years in the making by a group of local filmmakers. It examines the local response to global warming, here in Rochester, NY as a fairly typical American city, but also one that is rich with scientists, activists and business people.The film is distilled from countless hours of interviews and footage of local events featuring individuals and groups involved with this including Cool Rochester and its Executive Director Bob Siegel.

Cool Rochester Executive Team:

Bob Siegel - Executive Director

Jim Tappon - Director of Communications

Marla Houston - President

Karen Monroe - Business Manager

Barbara Grosh - Webmaster

Margie Campaigne - Newsletter

Ted Kidd - Team Support

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